Mission Statement

To improve the well-being of target groups within the community, through education and to empower individuals and families to make healthy eating and living choices on a budget for a positive healthy lifestyle.


To be the leading provider of community food workshops for well-being in Bedfordshire


To empower people to gain confidence to make healthy food choices on a budget

We will empower our team to deliver fun accessible and engaging workshops to our service users

To be part of our community and to meet the needs of a wide demographic

We will reach out to the community which we live and offer these workshops to those with a need

Be approachable and transparent in running the business

Deliver workshops to suit the groups needs

Aims and objectives

The aim of this project is to work with local teenagers, young mums and vulnerable people to introduce them to healthy food choices and the importance of food hygiene in relation to buying and preparing breakfast, lunches and snacks and main meals.

The principle objective is to develop an understanding of healthy food choices which will enable them to make informed decisions about their dietary, nutritional needs and the importance of food hygiene. In addition the workshops will help them budget for the food they require