How do we fund our projects?

Private funding through businesses, council member ward funding, local and national funding and grant bodies

What is a CIC?

Community Interest Company (Social enterprise not for profit)

How long have we been established?

We have been established as a CIC for 9 months

What areas do you work in?

We work in all areas of Bedford

Are the workshops bespoke?

Yes they are we tailor to group needs

How do you know there is a need for these workshops?

We speak to groups in the area to identify a need for the workshops

How are people referred?

They are referred through the groups they belong to

What do people take away from your workshops?

Knowledge on food budgeting, reducing food waste, healthy eating, increased confidence, social inclusion, creativity in the kitchen, new life skills

Do you offer training?

We are currently working on opportunities to up skill chefs and volunteers

What type premises do you need to undertake the workshops?

We need premises with a good size kitchen to fit up to 6 people at a time and a meeting room where we can sit eat and talk

Do you provide childcare?

We are looking into working with a mobile childcare company so mums with toddlers can access the workshops easier

What will service users receive from workshop?

Recipes from workshop, love food hate waste book, meal planner, Tupperware, freezer labels, spaghetti measure